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open up and live cropped for blog

I was asked to participate in an Artsy Blog Hop, where we answer the following questions about our art and our process and then link to three other artists who will then do the same.  Thanks to Lynnette Cretu for asking me to participate.  You can visit her blog to see her responses to these same questions, along with some beautiful, fun and inspiring artwork. She even gives away free digital scripture art every once in awhile.

Here are the questions we are answering in the Blog Hop:

1.  How does my creating process work?

I wish I KNEW! 🙂 No, seriously, I am blessed to have a fairly large art/craft studio space in our basement and when the mood strikes…which is usually based on something I have read or heard that sparks an idea, or someone ELSE’s Art I see on the internet and want to try MY hand at it, I go downstairs and start creating.

I have a difficult time following thru with cleaning up and putting away my things AFTER my project and so I pretty quickly work myself into a very small area on the large banquet-sized table.  I am often working on a piece and have other ephemera, supplies, papers, journals stacked around and under me. It isn’t pretty!

On the really lucky days, I am at my cabin in Lyle, Washington and I have brought my traveling supplies and I work on a much SMALLER table and work myself out of space even FASTER!

For the last couple of years I have been exploring Mixed Media, learning from websites, online classes and youtube videos from amazing artists like Christy Tomlinson, Kelly Rae Roberts, Donna Downy, Roben-Marie Smith, Patti Tolley Parrish, and Jennibellie to name just a few.

I use canvas, wood, paper and Composition Journal Covers as my background, followed by a few colors of paint smeared on and then some pieces of paper ephemera, more paint, maybe more paper.  This is usually followed by texture using household items such as bubble wrap, drawer liner, cardboard tubes, screen, and many things I don’t even know what their real name or use IS.  I sometimes use a stencil or two and some stamps added lightly and randomly to add texture in the background.  I usually end with adding a flower or a bug or a bird, some sign of life to add interest.

When I am HOME, I use a heat tool in between layers and often finish a project in one or two sittings. When I am at the CABIN and off the GRID with only solar power, I let things dry in between and so I will sit down for 5-15 minutes to work on my piece and then step away for a few hours, then come back.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work is similar to many and yet different from most. As I am fairly new to the art of mixed media and mostly learning from OTHERS, I have not yet developed my own true style, where someone would look at it and say “THAT’S an EXPRESSATORY piece from Kim Puckett – I’d know it ANYWHERE!” but I think I have come a long way from two years ago when the only thing I had seen was various versions of Christy Tomlinson’s She Art Girls.

3. What am I working on?

I just spent two lovely weeks at our cabin and I made the following 4 pieces. The last piece is currently an unfinished background.

Faith Walks                

Open up and live                 Unfinished purple flower background

4. Why do I create what I do?

I have enjoyed creating things, making things all of my life and for the last few YEARS, I have had quite an obsession with collecting supplies for my art studio. It is only since discovering the art of mixed media that I have started to really feel at home with what I am making. I essentially HAVE to create. It is my therapy, my obsession, my love, my passion, my relaxation and my spiritual growth.

Now I have three wonderful artists for you to meet.  I connected with these lovely ladies on an artists Facebook group!

1.  Toni Michelle Crane at Whimsy & Me. I am linking to her Shop page because her Mixed Media Art is just GORGEOUS but check out her Blog ALSO.

2. Miriam Schulman is an amazing artist exploring and excelling in all types of painting.  She even offers online courses thru

3. Ashlie Woods is traveling the world and sharing the impact of her encounters and experiences through storytelling, art and photography.


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  1. Great job on the post. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on creating… funny what you said about lots of “she art” — yes, see that art everywhere now. 🙂 I take classes with Christy too, and try to come away with the techniques rather than copying her finished projects… ( so basically I take all her classes EXCEPT the she art ones) Look forward to writing my responses

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