Garage Sales, Simplifying, People Watching and Graduation Parties…


We are having a garage sale this weekend.


Garage sale

we had it Friday and Saturday because those are the best days…and now I’m laying here on the couch having my cup of coffee on Sunday morning, trying to decide if I will open for a few hours TODAY.

What I like to do on SUNDAY is TWO FOR ONE…NOT 1/2 Price…2 for 1! You gotta take 2 things. You buy a $2.00 dress, you gotta take ANOTHER $2.00 item. It really confuses people but it’s FUN and it makes for LESS for me to PACK UP tonight! Come to think of it, maybe I should call it BOGO (Buy one get one free). I think people might be more familiar with that concept. I might try that today!

We also have two graduation parties we were invited to this afternoon, so I have to decide if I want to do the Sale AND the parties.  So proud of our friends…

Skyler graduated from High School and College at the same time! (Well, there were TWO different ceremonies!) He graduated from Clackamas Middle College with his High School Diploma and from Clackamas Community College with an Associates Degree – He’s 20 I think, and an amazing young Artist, Musician, and Deep Thinker

Skyler and his proud Mama, Cheryl.

Skyler and his proud Mama, Cheryl.

Ethan has graduated from Warner Pacific with a B.A. in Christian Ministry. Another amazing young man who will do whatever he sets out to do. He will be changing lives, I’m sure of it!

Then there is Ethan’s sister Elise. She graduated from high-school with a 4.18 GPA while dealing with 3 concussions and way too frequent migraine headaches. 4.18….I didn’t even know that was POSSIBLE! Absolutely spectacular young lady who has some serious determination and stamina. Can’t wait to see what she chooses to do NEXT!

Ethan and his sister Elise

Ethan and his sister Elise

I am so proud of these young adults and excited for how they will each continue to touch people’s lives – as they already have been doing – Great Kids, all three, and NOW, Great Adults embarking on a new part of their journey. Congratulations you guys.


Opened the garage sale for 4 hours today. Super slow as I knew it would be and yet some very interesting conversations with great people…and met 2 of our neighbors that we may have only met once before in the last 10 years of living here.

Garage sales are a lot of work…but I love the great mix of folks that show up.

We went to both graduation parties and all in all it was a great weekend…




e x h a u s t e d…..








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