Monthly Archives: May 2012

One Step at a Time…


I am wishing that you all could see

into my mind

because even though I haven’t POSTED in quite some time, I have thought about, learned and created SO MUCH in my small brain.  When will they invent the technology to download my thoughts directly from brain to computer?  (Probably sooner than I might THINK!)

The Dreambuilding Dinner was AMAZING!  Let’s just PRETEND that it was last week  (Instead of last MONTH).  Everyone there gave such great suggestions and ideas. (separate post to follow)

My friend Marc recommended a book called Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt.  I ordered the book and downloaded the audio version immediately.  I listened to it over the last week and I LOVE it.  Such a wealth of quality information all in one book.


I have so much to DO now!  But I am super excited to get started.  “One thing at a time” as Marc said to me today.  It’s too much to put it all into practice at the same time so I will pick one thing at a time and go from there.

Check out Marc’s blog here: Living Wholehearted, it’s one of my favorites!