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Next Steps Continued…


I read a blogging tip

that said to include an image on every post.  This has lead to more Next Steps:

  • Learn how to blog 🙂  Below is a picture of me trying to figure out how to use my computer’s webcam to take a picture.  I have about 8 pictures that look like this because in the course of trying to “figure it out”, I took EIGHT pictures!   Actually the 8 pictures don’t look exactly the same…in each one I appear more and more frustrated and perplexed!   This just might give you an idea of how far I have to go to learn new things on the computer.

  • Learn how to protect my photos (not THIS one, obviously!)  by using CSS or some other method that can be explained in layman’s terms so that I can actually figure it out.  I know no method is foolproof but I would like to make it a little more difficult so that artists like my husband, Brian, who is an outstanding photographer and woodworker, will feel comfortable allowing me to display their art on this website.  I like the method I’m seeing where if someone saves the image all they get is a blank photo.  But I don’t know anything about CSS or HTML so I have a lot to learn.

Next Steps


Next Steps:

  • Business Plan
  • Budget
  • Learn about grants:
  • Can I get a grant to pay the lease on the building for the first year?
  • Can I get a grant to pay for design and advertising for start-up?
  • Business Name (Besides Milwaukie Community Arts Center)
  • Logo
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Ways to build capitol using the website even before there is an actual building/location




Goose Bumps


Met with a friend and fellow crafty-person this morning for coffee.  Wasn’t planning to go in to all my latest dreams and passions but it happened and as I was telling her about a dreambuilding process a friend took me thru over the phone, I got goose-bumps just remembering the experience.  I must write about it soon!

Thanks Beth, for your time and sharing with me this morning, and for introducing me to Singer Hill Cafe in Oregon City.  I look forward to learning more from you and finding out how I can support YOU like you are willing to support ME!

Examples of Other Community Arts Centers


Here are some links for other community arts centers around the country.  Checking out these sites will give you a good idea of what it is that I am wanting to create for our community in Milwaukie.

Future Description of Creating Space


Creating Space is being formed in 2012 by Kim Puckett, Milwaukie Community Members and art enthusiasts to expand and enrich the arts in Milwaukie, Oregon through education, experience, awareness and involvement. 

The current home of Creating Space is at the (location to be determined) It is a place for all ages and cultures to enjoy the arts. The Art Center occupies a very spacious building – one tremendous open classroom for a variety of activities.  There is a cozy “living room area” for small gatherings, a small room for private meetings, classes, support groups or other events, a gallery and gift shop with items made by local artisans for purchase and two office spaces that will be rented by art therapists in the future. In addition to holding classes, the center is used as an open studio area, for lectures, exhibits, visiting artists, and special events.

We believe the Creating Space will enhance the artistic experience for everyone and become an outstanding contribution to our community.

Welcome to my dreambuilding blog…


I have a dream…

and a lot of passion around creating a community art space in my small town of Milwaukie, Oregon.  This blog is going to be my space to dreambuild and share some of my ideas and dreams as well as get feedback, suggestions and motivation from others.

In short, Creating Space would be a community art space on a main street in Milwaukie where there is a lot of foot traffic.  There would be ample window space for people walking by to see clearly what is offered inside.  Inside will be a gallery/gift shop with items made by local artisans and a large classroom/creating space for art classes, open crafting and other events.

When you walk in, you will immediately feel comfortable and “at home”.  You will sense the community feeling of this space and want to come back, just to say hi or chat for a bit.

Memberships will be available, which will support Creating Space and will include discounts on classes, open art times, and a different consignment percentage on items sold in the gallery.  Local artists can also become deluxe members and have their artist profile and gallery pictures on our website.

Weekly open art times will have an hourly rate which will include the use of the space and any equipment and supplies in the main art room.  (Other specialty items available for purchase.)

This IS a dream, but rather than discount or disqualify my dream, I am choosing to move forward step by step, with the belief that, at some point, it will actually become reality OR something ELSE will come out of it that I can’t even envision right now.  I believe God has a plan for me and I look forward to seeing how all of THIS fits in to that plan.

Thanks for checking this out.  I look forward to your thoughts and comments!